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Project Activity: Identify opportunity for change and those participating in the project. Post to wiki. Due: 5/18

Opportunity for Change
Dan and Jojo
Social Constructivist approach to learning rather than Behaviorist. (Dan, this is my Action Research! I'll have to ask Melissa if I can address this. I'm leaving my name here w/yours for now. -Jojo) Glad to work with you Jojo - if we end up needing to extend or focus on our ARP topic I may need to change, but I'm hoping to work on this topic. - Dan Feel free to work on this even though it is your AR-Melissa
Colleagues at work and partner companies.
9th grade LA classes all 1-1 increasing writing with our students. For what purpose?-Melissa
Anyone else who wants to help
Implement a viable distance learning program at my university. I would like to create a program that other CSUs could model. I have been working with the CSUs lately, with a little on this. Let's talk logistics too-Melissa
Cadre II who want to move to the rainy foggy coast of northern California :-)
J/K Just me and the stakeholders at my school.
Increasing the emphasis on teaching and learning through the use of stories, in a UbD way.
Me and the stakeholders at my school.
Improve communication within Wested's infrastructure by creating effective intergroup collaborations.
Program Services-WestEd
Promote the development of common curriculum and assessments to be written and shared in an online space, such as a wiki or Moodle, in a school that has already begun a curriculum mapping process, with an emphasis on backwards design curriculum models. (Greg, pardon the intrusion of your space, but you might want to look at CK12 / Flexbooks for this as well. -Malika)
Teachers, students, administrators, parents.
A database that will allow a company to be more productive by allowing unlimited user access and data entry.
Employees and company managers/ vendors
Replacing behaviorist approach to learning with constructivist. This is the next step in my AR project. This appears to be the same as Dan's and Jojo's but I'm in a educational vs. a business setting.
Colleagues at work
Creating new middle school computer science curriculum that addresses varied learning styles as well as varied learning differences.
Teachers, students, administrators, parents
Edgar & Jaime
Increase collaboration organization wide through the use of content management system.
Teachers, staff and administrators
Increase faculty awareness of what Educational Technology means, by definition
Myself and faculty
Increase communication and collaboration at school site with use of wiki, Google docs, etc.
Teachers, Staff, Admin, Parents, Students

Start a learning community who's mission is to share learning about how to establish a more holistic residential community for seniors and those with disabilities

Build a learning community that increases awareness for non-profits throuh the use of cause related marketing. I will use google docs and other open source software to advertise such a place. This is part of my ARP.
Colleagues from the wellness institute where I work and other like minded people

Shop owners, non-profits and buyers
Create a learning environment teaching Microsoft Office 2007 applications. This environment will be inviting, user friendly, hands on, and self-paced.
Faculty and Staff at Oakwood University
Create a new online science curriculum that can be shared district wide
Getting class set of laptops for science department to promote inquiry based learning in science
Create an outreach (community of practice) between my company and students. This is a change to the students, teachers, administrators and corporate organization.
Colleagues, Students and Staff
Erin and Brooke
Breaking the physical barriers of the classroom walls through Skype
Students, Self
Chris (I put this before, but somehow it got deleted!!)
Increase podcast usage by simplifying the process for facutly.
myself, faculty
Design a Web based Data Change request form for HR as a result of a successful AR Project with Finance which implemented a Web Query Request Tool.
Administrative and IT Staff
Reduce use of paper and increase use of online database for the music library, instrument & equipment inventory.
myself, students, faculty

I am going to use the following video as inspiration for the change I am making, but I think it is worthwhile for us all to watch
Discussion: Identifying opportunities for change. How do know when change is needed? Create a list of criteria for change in the wiki & include any references from other sources you may have begun gathering.

How do we know when change is needed?
The popular adage: "If ain't broke, don't fix it!" works both ways: "If it's broke... something needs fixing!" When a process is 'broken' change is needed. When the problem or issue rate is high, change is needed. If tasks are not being completed on time and/or within scope of a project, change is needed.

I tend to rely on my expertise when it comes to change. When I know that something can potentially be better if things were changed around, I think change is needed. I do not teach in order to be "just good enough." Striving to be the best means that we are constantly changing things based on expertise, intuition, and past experiences.

Criteria for Change
Not achieving goals
Disruptive technology
Social movement
: personal change, local, community professional change
Opportunities to innovate: capatilizing on opportunities (Outliers)
Improve results: productivity (The Big Switch)
Luck- Outliers
Private versus public interest (The Big Switch)
Efficiency (The Big Switch)
Creation of Identity (The Big Switch)
Economic reasons (The Big Switch)
Need to create (The Big Switch)

(Do we want to break this list down by contexts, or keep it general?)

Change Leadership
1. New knowledge creates the foundation for new behaviors. To increase the likelihood of actual incorporation of knowledge into participants' lives, however, it is important to identify and support the specific knowledge and skills needed to support new behaviors. http://www.joe.org/joe/2008october/a2.php
2. Compatibility with existing core values of the agency, institution or individual
3. Options for change – more than one possible solution
4. Support from key leaders early on in the process.
5. Strong leadership and involvement of as many individuals as possible that will be impacted by the proposed change.
6. Clear vision of why the change is occurring.
7. Allowing a sense of ownership by individuals who will be implementing the proposed change and this ownership can be a motivational forces for the change. http://www.themanager.org/Strategy/change_agent.htm
(The list above felt like a "Change Management Process" as opposed to a criteria for change. I believe that these items would be great to include in a discussion of "how" to lead change and moved them to this new heading. What do others think? Dan) Dan, I'm fine with that but I found them all in literature discussing foundational characteristics need for change to occur so I interpreted this as "criteria for change". Donna (Thanks Donna - I can see them from that perspective as well - I guess for me I was thinking of criteria as building the case for "what" needs to change and this list as being part of the "how" to go about approaching that change. What do you think? Dan) Dan, this works for me. Thanks! Donna[[image:]]