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Monitoring of Marketing/Promotional Efforts
Cadre XI member's nameDijlah
Target Group for MarketingFellow Employees, Business Clients, LILA School -Los Feliz, Family and friends
Date and Method of Marketing11/17 Passed flerys, sent e-mails.
Dallas Children's Charities (my volunteer org (we donate both locally and globally
11/17 e-mail to VP of charitable giving



Fellow Staff members, will try to include in district news letter.
email on 11/17/2008
Members of the community/ Fellow Employees
Press release to local paper, adding Laptops4Kids mascot to
my email signature at work.


Colleagues, Several Universities, Albert Bandura, Friends and Family

Fellow employees
Article in corporate newsletter - 11/17? (will update)

Will Directly tell Staff members and provide URL
personally deliver URL form 11/17-11/21
Marketed on Facebook & Twitter and via email
Currently Marketing on Facebook & Twitter and via email until end of campaign


Fellow WestEd employees. Email contact list (friends, family and business associates).
Gave a presentation on OLPC during the 11/21 Redwood City Staff meeting. Emailed contacts on 11/25 with brief description of the cause and a link to our web site.
Professional Organization of Dental Hygienists; press release to local newspaper
11/16/08; e-mail with Dan's letter


Seventh-day Adventist Technology Directors & Evangelism workshop
December 3, 2008 & December 7-9 2008



Marketing and Promotional Efforts

Vote to assist Colby with final design of the website - insert name to identify preference:

The" add to calendar" link.
Keep it:Karen, Jojo
Take it off: Donna , James, Greg, Anne, Maria, Erin,Dijlah, Dan, Malika, Jaime, Edgar, Kathleen

The "Buy now button".
On all pages: Donna, James, Greg (at the top of all pages), Anne, Maria, Erin, Dijlah, Jojo, Dan, Malika, Jaime, Edgar, Kathleen, Sonja (but change to Donate Now)
Just the home page:

The poster at the bottom.
Front page and in Promotional Material: Dan (changing my vote and adding new vote option - put it under the "Buy Now" button in the menu.)
On all pages: James;Dijlah, Sonja
Within an article: Donna, Greg, Anne (more information tab), Maria, Erin (on the More Information- Promotional Material page), Jojo, Jaime, Edgar
Only on Promotional Material page: Kathleen

Where to put the articles?
Keeping the articles/pages on the side of the site:_Donna, James, Jojo, Sonja
Designing a drop down menu at the top: Greg (is this the side menu, that's what I voted thinking), Anne (same as greg), Maria, Erin, Dijlah (drop down menu), Dan, Jaime, Edgar, Kathleen

Remove the side menu on front page only:
Yes:Greg, Anne, Maria, Erin, Jojo, Dan (but include the "Buy Now" button somewhere on the front page), Jaime, Edgar, Kathleen

Add Amazon banner to sell anything on Amazon, not just XO, to earn commission. The commission will be donated to OLPC at the end of the campaign: (see below under cost page for details/description in dark blue font)
Yes: Jojo, Dan (with a simple explanation of intent included)
No: Greg (too confusing, not our focus), Jaime, Edgar, Kathleen

Home Page Design (Dijlah)
I put together the following two designs if the group wants to use them for home page -

(Dijlah, these are both nice - I like the first one best. I am wondering how they might work in terms of the overall site structure - I will defer to Colby for his input. Dan)
Hi Dan, thank you for your comments, I revised the flyer on Nov. 9 - added and removed the Join US - per Kathleens' suggetions to me. Both flyers were posted on this wiki, but
now removed. Here is the flyer again.

Poll Time- Add one if you are in favor of it

The add to calendar link. Please vote. Keep it or take it off? Keep it 2 Take it off 13
Buy now button. On all pages or on just the home page? all pages 14 home page 0
The poster at the bottom. On all pages or within an article? All pages 4 within an article 9
Keeping the articles/pages on the side of the site as opposed to a drop down menu at the top. Keep 4 v Move 9

Proposed timeline (Revised 11/8/08)

Sunday, Nov. 9th completion of website (by 9:00 p.m. pacific time)
Wednesday, Nov. 12th completion of inputting/uploading information onto the site (9:00 p.m. pacific time)
Thursday, Nov. 13th - pilot test it with opinion leaders and potential participants (arrange for 10 individuals to visit the site and provide feedback). I would include Gary and Margaret on this list. The thought is to see if they "see our vision" when they visit the site, and is it easy to maneuver around?
Friday, Nov. 14th make changes to site and information based off input from pilot testing.
Saturday Nov. 15th - launch site and campaign with a teaser?

PAGE OWNERS - For those individuals who want to take responsibility of adding content to a page on the website, please sign up here

Welcome to Laptops4Kids
Kathleen and Colby
Educational Vision of OLPC
Resources & Links
Contact a G1G1 supporter

What is G1G1?
How to participate
What can the XO do?
What might your child do with an XO?
What might you do with an XO?
-The XO Computer (Hardware)
-Home Page design suggestions-might be
used for promotions
- The Learning Message
The XO Softtware
Brochure "education project not a
laptop project"
Sonja and Andrea created the URL
Josephine created the outline and
collaborated where needed (and she was needed)
ppt OLPC to G1G1
Sonja and Kathleen created the URL
Promotional Letter
Andrea and Sonja

Why should anyone stay at this site?
I. What is G1G1? (Anne)
Brief overview of OLPC project and its expansion into G1G1

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was the brainchild of MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte when he unveiled his sketch to a friend Hector Ruiz in January of 2003 of a computer that would be put into the hands of every child for around $100.00. With this laptop, Negroponte foresaw Papert’s dream of children using technology to facilitate their learning bridging the cultural and physical barriers that have limited impoverished children for generations.

Once the actual XO was created, the price did not reflect Negroponte's vision of a 100.00 laptop, but was still extremely affordable for the struggling nations at 200.00. Many nations from around the world such as agreed to purchase millions of the XO latops to their children.

These children with their new tool are finally able to have hope for a better future providing an amazing example for generations to follow shifting cultural and societal trends that have kept the world's poorest in their positions of poverty. Now with the world just a click away, these students can actively participate across the globe to make this world, their world, a better place for all to live not just the privelaged few. Students with the $200.00 laptop are able to collaborate, communicate and contribute to a world many have only dreamed or heard of. Eventually these students will be able to turn the tide in their countries through education, learning, and contributing to a better world.

The mission statement of OLPC is simply, " To create educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop with content and software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning."

The G1G1 project ( Give 1 Get 1) allows for citizens from around the world to give not only a laptop computer to a child in need, but they are providing hopeful opportunites to expand the possibilites for all children. Through simply purchasing one laptop computer for yourself, an additional laptop can be bestowed to an area that is in desperate need. And the giving does not stop there. Multiple computers can be donated all completly tax free.

As 21st century citizens, we are people of hope. And as people of hope, we have the opportunity and responsibility to assist others in need. We cannot sit idly by and allow for more and more children to lead impoverished lives. Instead, we must create opportunities for hope for these children. We must shift the focus onto the children empowering them with the tools to transform their schools, homes, cities, and countries so that every child has an opportunity to learn how to learn.

A. Benefits (Anne)
1. Pedagogical benefits: The Pedogogical benefits of empowering children with tools that change learning are transformational. Instead of the traditional practice of teacher directed learning or curriculum driven instruction, children are able to learn how to learn Dewey). Children are given the steeringwheel to their own education and the roadmap is clear ahed of them. The learning shifts into a hands-on discovery of learning where the only limits placed on the child are from the child.

2. Access: Kids that have never had access to a world of information outside of their village or largest town, will now have access to an abundance of information. This access makes learning equitable for all; kids aren't denied opportunites to learn but rather encouraged to break new ground, to solve problems, and to seek further understanding. Having a tool that gives them access to the abundance of information available on the web provides aconnection to a world where many kids have never dreamed they would be able to participate let alone contribute.

3. Collaboration: Imagine a learning environment where kids are not just working with their friends and peers whom they see each and everyday, but are building connections with kids from around the world working together to solve probelms, gain understanding, and developing relationships. No longer is it enough to continue learning in the same way we have for generations. Instead, the XO makes learning different and collaborative linking kids from around the world into one transformative learning environment for all to benefit and sustain. Every kid is seen as a contributor and global learning participant collaborating to solve previously unsolvable problems, mending relationships that seemed irrevocably broken, and fostering new intellectual learning adventures creating in-depth understandings of their world.

4. Student driven learning: Once students are given the power, control, and challenge to be in charge of their own learning, students gain greater understanding and depth. The XO allows for students to discover, invent and create their own interpretations of the world through access to a number of tools, information and connections. Student motivation to learn will be increased through the empowerment of student driven learning- simply put, when student want to learn, they will learn. Whens tudents are engaged, and the XO assists in that engagement, students are more motivated to succeed and will participate in relevant authentic learning situations rather than those created for them.

5. Investment in education: Children are societies greatest reward and through investing in a child's future, you invest in the future of the world. Giving each child the opportunity to learn, to grow, to change, and to transform should not be denied to anyone. Instead, by giving an educational journey to a child through a one to one learning environemnt with the XO, students can shift the boundaries and limitations generations have placed upon them. Children given the right tools, the right direction, and the right support and encouragement can change this world. They will change the world through an investment in the XO which is ultimately an investment in a better future for them and for all children that will follow.

6. Click link to view articles showing benefits of laptops Anne, this might not be the best link. It is confusing as it offered the viewer multiple unrelated stories such as this one---
Online poker pro: 'A hard way to make an easy living' (Kathleen)

Google hour long video explaining project (Karen)
B. Costs (Josephine)
-How much it actually costs
-Where the money goes
-How you can purchase XO: Includes links/banner to Amazon
-We can advertise the Amazon links to our friends and family to make purchases, not just XO purchases, but ANY type of purchase from Amazon will earn a 4% commission. I recently bought a digital camera on Amazon and used the amazon link for our cadre and 4% of my $200 purchase will go towards the cadre 11 donation we will make directly to OLPC.

Amazon Referral Fees

You earn a referral fee each time a customer you've referred to makes a purchase. The fee, which is calculated as a percentage of revenue, varies depending on whether you're in the Performance or Classic fee structure and, if you're in the Performance structure, the number of items you've referred.

How much do I earn for generating sales through my links?

You earn referral fees whenever a visitor follows a link from your Web site to or and makes a purchase. Associates can select to participate in either the Classic Fee Structure or the Performance Fee Structure.

C. How to participate (rather than contribute) (Donna - rough thoughts and I may be way off here. Help!)

-Provide an example of an easy organizational frame work for raising funds that could be implement in small companies; emphasis on the gain to the individual donating but through tax deduction and the contribution to a child's future. My thought is it can be implemented through the generation of one e-mail.
-Provide an example of how to implement in schools settings - elmentary, middle, high school and higher educational institutions. Including an example of "friendly" challenges between classes, schools or districts.
-Additional ways to get the word out with emphasis on the gain from the individual's participating in this
-professional organizations
-family and friends
-community organizations

- Mail and pass on flyers to parents - please see attached flyer (Dijlah Benjamin) DiJlah, great start on the flyer. I like your ideas but I think that perhaps the sentence "a donation of $200 will pay for and deliver one XO laptop ... and $400 will pay for and deliver two XO laptops" should be changed. It seems a little redundant or obvious that another $200 dollars would buy another laptop ($600 would buy 3)... Perhaps we could change it to read "you can make multiple donations to ..." (Kathleen)
And "Join us".... maybe we should define (briefly) just who us is.

I can change the website address to this (csmart)
and also change the logo as well.
Revised flyer - Nov. 9, 2008


D. How to include your school, church, university, corporation, family members and other contacts. Get involved with G1G1 (Sonja)

  • Click here to print out a flyer/announcement/brochure from our website (Dijlah has a super flyer she already made for our G1G1 project)
  • Click here to email our pre-recorded audio message
  • Click here to Email our pre-recorded video message
  • Click here to Email a ppt (Gary will just love this)
  • Click here to Create your own audio message and email it
  • Click here to Conduct a teleconference
  • Click here to Meet us in Second Life and talk about GIGI
  • Click here to and this number to listen to a prerecorded message
  • Click here and download a podcast
  • Pass flyers and word of mouth (Dijlah Benjamin)
  • Banners/Links to purchase ANYTHING on and a percentage of purchase will go directly to Cadre account that will be used towards G1G1. (I suggest we keep this separate from the book account as it used by all cadres & profits go towards graduation celebration -Jojo)

(Please add more)
(with the holiday's coming this may give people an opportunity to give in a meaningful way)

E. Get one right now! (Sonja)

Click here
1. Get a computer, give a computer
Provide info on this method of participation.
Link to our website for ease in participation.

2. Buy computers for kids overseasProvide info on donations that send laptops to children (info for single or more computers).
Link to our website for ease in participating in the project.

3. Make a donation to OLPC
Provide link to OLCP website that takes them directly to the donation page.

F. NEWS Tab (Dijlah Benjamin) - On the Website I would like to see a NEWS tab to give people an idea where this money is going to and how it's being used:
  • Read about kids progress after recieving the XO computer
  • Watch video - youtube - Examples:
    • This footage was recorded from SBS TV in Australia, that was broadcasted on SBS World News on 25 Sept. 2007. OLCP SBS XO Added: September 25, 2007
    • Heart touching documentary about the impact of the One Laptop Per Child project on the lives of kids all over the world. Author: codewiz74 Keywords: olpc laptop children child education school humanities learning africa mongolia peru Added: April 25, 2008. Link:
  • Photo Gallery - picture of kids using the labtops.

II. What Can the XO Do?
A. The XO Computer (hardware)
above link to video showing laptops - (Karen)

1. Unique features (you can figure all of this out)
2. Can I work online?
B. The Software
1. What's an Activity?
a. Activities (applications)
(1) Usage vignettes
2. Sugar
a. The Journal
3. The Open-source philosophy
III. Learning with Computers
A. The educational vision of OLPC
1. 1:1 Computing (Brooke)
a. History back to 1968 with Alan Kay & Seymour Papert
2. Constructionism
IV. What Can YOU Do with an XO?
A. What might your child do with an XO?
B. What might you do with an XO?
V. More information
A. Resources
1. Books
2. Articles
3. Research
4. Links
B. Vignettess
C. Movies
D. Images
Do these machines use Microsoft Office? I would like to see some type of training in Office on them. Any Suggestions? - Karen

Currently, Microsoft Windows cannot be loaded on the XO laptop. The XO laptop has a GNU/Linux based Operating System and features its own programs that are specifically designed for children. There are thousands of software developers around the world currently developing content for the XO. Activities lists software for the XO. - (Kathleen)
[[ Papert Interview - One Laptop per Child (OLPC) - Dijlah need to get the site going as well as begin to divide labor: I propose the following categories:-Website-PR-YouTube-Outreach - I have done some outreach (Karen)- Facebook- I can do some sort of Facebook advertising. (Erin)-Anymore?Second Life. Can we do a presentation or advertise at ISTE's site? (Kathleen)Please include a link to the Cadre Amazon Buy-box for tracking and building money to buy more from our own earnings.Possible URLs:(note: Please check the availability of suggested URLs at a web registration site, like:**HOME PAGE - When designing the home page we should remember to: (Kathleen)Keep it simpleSay who we are and why we've created this websiteOffer a clear objectiveProvide easy access to information (other pages)Make it interesting and relevantNot be too wordy (graphics are better)

The following pictures need to be claimed! If you uploaded one, please put your name next to it, and let us know if we have permission to use it (i.e. it comes from a creative commons site, etc.)external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpg
external image moz-screenshot-2.jpggive-a-laptop_v2.jpgKathleen
<span class="attribute-name">src</span>=<span class="attribute-value">"" </span><span class="attribute-name">width</span>=<span class="attribute-value">"338" </span><span class="attribute-name">height</span>=<span class="attribute-value">"252"</span><span class="error"><span class="attribute-name">/</span></span>

Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

On Hardware page - sources listed on the bottom of the page. from the site and covered under Creative
Commons - Dijlah
On Hardware page - sources listed on the bottom of the page. from the site and covered under Creative
Commons - Dijlah

On Hardware page - sources listed on the bottom of the page. from the site and covered under Creative
Commons - Dijlah

On Flyer - from the site and covered under Creative Commons - Dijlah

Two Decent Stories From The Web (Malika)

OLPC learns from G1G1 distribution woes: Amazon to sell XOs

By Ryan Paul | Published: September 04, 2008 - 05:10PM CT
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is preparing to relaunch the Give 1 Get 1 (G1G1) initiative with the help of Internet retailer Amazon. This partnership could help the nonprofit OLPC group avoid the distribution failures that undermined the success of the first G1G1 effort last year.

Related Stories

OLPC—which emerged from the MIT media labs—developed the XO laptop, a unique low-cost mobile computing device for education. OLPC is attempting to sell XO units in bulk to governments in developing countries at no profit so that the computers can be deployed in classrooms and distributed to young students. Although the project has attracted interest from countries around the world, few governments have been willing to commit to buying large quantities.
To compensate for slow government sales, OLPC launched the G1G1 program last year. The program allowed donors in North America to receive an XO laptop for personal use when they contribute $399—enough to buy two units. The second unit is given to a student in a developing country.
external image olpc_ars.jpg The G1G1 program looked like a great idea in principle, but it didn't work out so well in practice. Despite extremely high demand for XO laptops, G1G1 suffered from production delays, product shortages, and implementation failures. A software glitch that afflicted the order processing and fulfillment system caused a significant number of delivery addresses to be truncated, which prevented many units from being delivered. After weeks of delays, some buyers were forced to cancel their orders.
OLPC has clearly learned an important lesson from the failures of the first G1G1 experiment. Amazon has considerable experience with order fulfillment, which makes the company an ideal partner for the new G1G1 program. Amazon will likely be well-equipped to steer OLPC clear of the problems that surfaced last time.
OLPC is also in a much better position now to meet demand. During the last G1G1, production was just starting to ramp up and there were component shortages that made it impossible to provide units for everyone who wanted one. OLPC has had plenty of time to crank out units and iron out the bumps in the production process.
Although OLPC appears to be making some smart choices for G1G1 this year, changes in the hardware market might pose competitive challenges. Regular low-cost subnotebook products (aka, netbooks) offered by conventional vendors have matured considerably in the past year. Compared to the XO, some new Atom-based devices like the latest Eee model and the upcoming 9-inch Dell laptop offer superior performance and more features for the same price.
OLPC has a few points in its favor that will help it compete. Some buyers could choose the XO over alternatives because they want to support the project. There are also some pragmatic advantages too, like the fact that OLPC says G1G1 donors can tax-deduct $200 of that total price. Buyers might also favor the XO because of its unique capabilities, such as its child-friendly design and innovative dual-mode screen.
This is a very difficult time for the organization, which appears to be crumbling as a result of internal conflict and strong competition despite attempts to reorganize.
OLPC could really use a boost right now, so the success of the new G1G1 program will be important for the organization. It could gain back some of the trust and traction it has lost if it can get an improved product to consumers in a timely fashion without the headaches of last year's failed attempt.

Further reading


Give 1 Get 1 minus 48 hours: Details about G1G1EU

Posted on November 15, 2008 by Christoph Derndorfer in Sales Talk: G1G1_2008

Trust me, when I sit down and write my "OLPC: The Inside Story//" book a couple of years down the road this past week will receive its own seperate chapter. To say that things behind the scene were crazy would be quite the understatement!
external image LocationEurope_s.png
G1G1EU minus 48h...
On Tuesday we broke the story that G1G1 is indeed coming to the EU, Switzerland, Russia and Turkey but now OLPC has officially announced the details in a blog-post on the newly launched

The biggest difference this year is that G1G1’s donors are also going global — we are launching the campaign simultaneously in the US and Europe, at 11am UTC (6am EST) on Monday.

Donors in the US will be able to donate and Give a laptop through The Get laptops going to recipients the US will be fulfilled right away. Donors outside the US will be able to donate through, where G1G1 will cost £275 (currently just over 322 Euros). The Get laptops for recipients outside the US will be fulfilled as soon as possible** — stay tuned to this blog for more details in the coming days. (my emphasis)
What this last part about non-US orders being fulfilled as soon as possible means is that donors will be able to soft pre-order their XOs via This means that Amazon won't take the money but will see to it that by return of mail donors get a delivery date and can then decide to actually participate or not.
While soft pre-orders obviously aren't as nice as knowing that your order will be fulfilled right away we won't run into last year's situation with people having already paid $399 (plus shipping), yet still having to wait for several months before their XO shows. I therefore think that this is a very good solution as it allows OLPC to utilize the increased attention towards the program which we're going to see over the coming weeks while also giving people in the EU, Switzerland, Russia and Turkey the chance to participate.
Since G1G1 coming to Europe will create demand for everything from technical support over community outreach to translation of marketing materials and documentation the European grassroots groups are in the early stages of organizing joint efforts in these areas. So if you're interested in helping out with any of those tasks (and there's plenty more) please head to [[G1G1EU]] and contact the person responsible for your country or directly e-mail me (christoph AT olpcnews DOT com).