Kathleen Lepori EDU 668 Anderson 5/26/09


Evaluate the learning context of the change:

In order to improve communication within WestEd’s infrastructure, change can be brought about by creating effective intergroup collaborations. Social constructivist theories of communication will be practiced in an effort to engage employees in resourceful, collaborative activities.

What learning will need to take place and by whom?

Personal learning: I will need to learn how to become an effective leader and agent of change in our organization. I will learn better ways of sharing resources more effectively and in the process gain a deeper understanding of WestEd’s culture, work and mission.

Employee learning: WestEd employees will learn in how to work together in small informal groups facilitated by peer leaders. They will learn how to overcome fear of new technologies by supporting each other in intergroup collaborations.

How will you address the learning needs and challenges?

1. Posting an anonymous employee online suggestion box. Using polling sidebar software, employees can post questions or comments and receive feedback of how other employees accept or reject their ideas. All information can be archived for future reference.

2. Employee engagement surveys. Offering employees an opportunity to take online anonymous surveys is one of the best methods for discovering how an employee feels about their work, workplace environment and a host of other potential problem areas.

3. Create a whiteboard for questions and answers: Having a central online whiteboard where any employee can write a question and get an answer almost immediately.

4. Establish a Knowledge Bank. This would be a collection of gathered information that employees can access 24 hours a day. The Knowledge Bank would contain pertinent information that would help an employee with nearly any aspect of their job.

5. Sharing new technologies. New technologies are constantly being developed. Staying on top of recent developments can help WestEd employees communicate and work together more efficiently. For instance, Google just recently announced Google Wave. This is an open source browser where people can work on documents synchronically.