Group D Learning Design Activity

Goal: Design and execute a learning activity that reflects your knowledge and strengths as a learner, teacher and reflective practitioner and includes the appropriate use of instructional technology.

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Real World Economics

Real World Economics
Grade Level: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
Mandatory Semester - minimum 40hrs

Goal - Preparing today's youth for tomorrow's economy.
Why do students learn about money at an early age, yet aren't exposed to modern banking?

Topics to be covered

  • Obtaining and maintaining credit
  • Knowing your Credit score
  • Banking
  • Retirement
  • Basic Investing

Time Maps- teaches money management and life skills, financial literacy through interactive software.
Quicken Online- basic finance

EQ 1: What is financial planning and why do we do it?
EQ 2: How do you obtain credit and what are your responsibilities as a consumer?

EQ 3: What are the benefits of maintaining financial stability

Supporting Websites

Assessment both of student learning and activity.

Open Source Software - Abrash
Present software to group by (2/9)

Executive Summary - Malika -
Monday (2/9) Draft of the Executive Summary. Receive information from Group / feed back by Group Wed (2/11)
(3 pages or less)
- Done.

Essential Questions - Group

Backwards Design Rubric - Matt /

Established Standards: Texas ยง122.63. Consumer and Family Economics

Students will be prepared to effectively manage money in a 21st century economy

From this activity the learner will learn to

  1. Identify Income from a randomly assigned jobs (Salaries)
  2. Create a household budget

EQ #1:What are the components of household budget
EQ #2:How do you effectively budget with savings in mind.

Goals -
Goals For Learners (Student)
From this Activity the Learner will Learn
Effective Money Organization (learn how to effectively manage income)
-Savings Account
-Checking Account
-Account Balancing

Goals For Team (We Reflect and Go Back To Discuss)
-What are we trying to learn from this activity.
-Meet and exceed standards for the State chosen.
-Ability to plan and design curriculum will help foster greater understanding of basic economics.
-Teaching Student a basic life skill for success.

Next Meeting; Monday February 2nd 7:00PST
Next Meeting; Monday February 9nd 7:00PST
Next Meeting; Monday February 23rd 7:00PST

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