As the final stage of your Change Project, you will write a reflection paper of no more than 6 pages (double spaced, 12 pt font). The above project stages can be completed as a group, however the final reflection paper must be written individually by every student in the course. This should be posted to your portfolio at the end of the trimester. Due: 7/19

Your reflection paper should include answers to three questions as well as a brief summary of the situation and the work resulting from the stages of the project as appendices.

  • In acting as an agent of change in this situation, what will be the most important actions for you to take?
  • Through the readings, discussions with others in class, additional research and guest lecture sessions, what key themes to change management apply most to your change situation?
  • What is your personal vision for change management- how do you see yourself growing into the role of change agent and leader?

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