Group 7 (G7)- Executive Summary

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Erin Berg, Brooke Spencer, Chris Faulkner

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Using social networking to improve collaboration

Social Learning Through Virtual Teams and Communities
Building Trust in Virtual Teams | Leading Virtually
Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams

  • ComicLife, ToonDoo, BitStrip Comic Creator
  • Skype

Target audience:
Anyone with a need to collaborate online (online students, professionals working in teams, teachers)

Established Goal:
Students will develop and/or improve trusting relationships as a foundation for effective collaboration by examining others' fields of action.

Essential Questions:
  • How are our lives similar/different?
  • How would that affect our relationship?
  • How can we use what we know about each others' field of action to improve communication and collaboration?

What understandings are desired?
The student should understand that trust is essential in effective collaborative learning relationships.

What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit?
Students will know . . . .
how to effectively communicate and collaborate through social networking.

Students will be able to . . . .
communicate through social networking tools
self-reflect and share with others

Activity Outline:
March 9-15:
1. Each cadre member will create a ToonDoo, BitStrip or ComicLife comic strip. The comic strip will depict a snapshot of his/her field of action (for your Action Research Project). Only pictures (no text) will be included in the comic. The purpose of this comic strip activity is to create a visual representation of each member's field of action. This must be completed before March 16, 2009.

March 16th:
2. Instead of meeting in TappedIn, learners will meet in their assigned Action Research Learning Circles via Skype. In the learning circle, each member will share their comic strip with their group and talk about their field of action. Describe in depth your field of action and how your ARP relates to it. You may want to discuss the forces that affect your field of action and other people involved. These items should all be represented in your comic strip. Then, LC members will trade their comics within their learning circle and allow another member to add text to their comic according the conversation from the meeting.
3. Each member will then upload/embed the final comic or link onto the wiki. They can then have access to each others' comics to learn more about each other.

March 16th- March 23rd:
4. Cadre members will then respond to the essential questions in Blackboard.
5. Cadre members will also respond to a SurveyMonkey about the effectiveness of the activity in relation to the learning goals.

Assessment of Learners:
The learners will be self-assessing and reflecting upon the essential questions. They will use the following to create a product of their learning.
  • ComicLife/ToonDoos/C
  • Essential Questions Reflection (Blackboard)

Assessment of Activity:
  • SurveyMonkey- Questions will relate to how well the activity meets the learning goals.