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Meeting Dates & Times (Skype)
Feb. 8th 4:00 PST
Feb. 15th 4:00 PST
Feb. 22nd 4:00 PST
March 1st 4:00 PST - Launch date for activity, Monday, March 2nd
March 8th 4:00 PST - Reflection date for activity, Monday, March 9th

Notes from 1/17/09 Meeting in Skype:

Topic: Language learning using open-source eLearning technology
Book: E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age

Donna and Dan's collaboration:
Stage 1 - Identify Desired Results

Target audience: Community College, first year Spanish

Established Goal:
Students will learn conversational Spanish language.

What essential questions will be considered?
How is my life similar and/or different than a student in Spain?
How would learning this language benefit me?

What understanding are desired?
Students will understand that . . .
culture and language are tied together.
the structure of Spanish grammar.
the appropriate use of Spanish vocabulary.
how to communicate in Spanish.

What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit?

Students will know . . . .
parts of speech.
sentence structure.
grammar. What level of language will they need to have prior to beginning this lesson?
significant cultural influences in Spain.
geography of Spain.
formality of the Spanish language.
How to make social/academic connections with students of another country/language

Students will be able to . . . .
have a written and verbal conversation in Spanish.

Questions to address prior to the executive summary
Make sure we have our Essential questions for the lesson/curriculum
How are we going to write the executive summary.
Where does this fit into the overall structure of the curriculum?
What technology are we going to use to reinforce classroom learning? (learning-buddy)
What learning adventures do we need to come up with to support this idea?
What things do we need to do for the week prior to our presentation?
How much detail do we want to provide (background/setting) to the cadre

We will be using technology to reinforce classroom learning. The curriculum will be designed to integrate technology resources to supplement what they are learning in the class. We are not focusing on a specific language but an overall framework.
Students will go on digital. Each of these learning adventures are designed to be tied into the overall framework of a class. Each unit of study would have one of these learning adventures.

When do we want to meet as a group? Every two weeks
Executive Summary: March 2nd
Executive Summary Draft: Due February 15th (Meet in person)
March 9th, Week of the ninth.
Executive Summary: Dan
Curriculum Background: This will be a picture of the overall curriculum structure: Colby

Learning Adventure: Donna

Pre-Assignment: These are the how-to directions: Dijlah

Assessment: Mici
- instead of making the last section of the assignment a comparison, I was thinking if perhaps it would be more appropriate to discuss how comfortable the students felt with making contact with someone who speaks another language and some ways that they conquered this fear.
Mici, if everyone wants to do this it is fine with me but my objection is that I don't believe it fits into our EQ and what we have describe as Stage 1 of this UbD. (Donna) Secondly, how would this translate if they were to take a trip to a spanish speaking country in real life. What would be some of the challenges of foreign travel, what are some other barriers (i.e. cultural) that they may encounter. Again I feel this is taking a different direction than what our EQ are. I'm not saying this isn't good because it is but I don't see it fitting into the UbD model with the Stage 1 things. And, if everyone agrees, then we need to go back and start over. UbD purpose is to have a clear idea of what your outcomes will be and then design to them. I'm not sure we are doing this. Donna)

- mode of assessment: discussion board on echo learn, 2 part- 1st copy of assignment, 2nd-reflection. First will be graded by Spanish teacher (Mici will provide feedback directly to board via advice from high school spanish teacher), The second part is to be submitted in English.

Let me know what you think

Assessment (under revision)
Part 1-
Spelling, Grammar, Syntax, Contact w/ Busuu friend

Part 2- attached rubric (modifying/ shortening?)

Assessment Rationale- Constructivism

Articles: Constructivist epistemology and second/foreign language pedagogy- unable to download article
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Post LA Survey

Reflection Questions for TI

  • One adjective to describe your experience with our LA.
  • What did you find most useful about this LA?
  • Was the technology used appropriate to support expected learning outcomes?
  • How did you see UbD reflected in the design of the LA?

If time permits...
  • Did you learn something new about applying technology to curriculum through this experience?
  • What would you have done differently in designing this activity?

Technologies used to develop the activity:
  • Discussion forum (Vanilla)
  • Jing
  • Community Clips
  • Skype
  • Wiki
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Email
  • Dreamweaver
  • Mysql database
  • PHP
  • Fireworks
  • Internet
  • Busuu
  • Babelfish
  • Online Spanish Dictionary
  • Human Resources
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Explorer
  • Chrome
  • GoogleGroups
  • Microsoft Windows Vista 64 Print Screen Functionality
  • Domain registration (
  • Navicat (GUI for Mysql database)

Demonstrates appropriate uses of technology for learning.

Setup website: Colby

Final write up / or reflection


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