Making Good Change Happen

Context of Change

What learning will need to take place and by whom?
Faculty members
  • Becoming aware of the need for a change and understanding the process involved in implementing change.
  • Understanding that change takes time and the outcome from change is not an immediately recognized.
  • Learning about the difference between behavioral modification and constructivism motivational theories.
  • That the ecology of the environment, which includes the philosophy of how students learn, needs to shift to constructivism theory of learning.
  • Needs to have a paradigm shift in the culture of faculty that will include the willingness to learn and implement technology that supports learning.
  • I will go to references and literature on change to keep learning more about change.
  • I will need to research and discover technology that should be considered for acceptance and implementation.’
  • Change takes time so I won’t anticipate any immediate outcome from the change or change process. Don’t get discouraged and expected set backs.

How will you address the learning needs and challenges?
  • Communicate the learning needs I’ve identified, communicate what I’m proposing, what has happened and what is expected. Communicate frequently and thoroughly.
  • Get feedback from faculty at each step and include their feedback when applicable into the plan. Allow faculty to take the lead on components of the proposed plan.
  • Try to take the strength of each faculty member and assign him or her a task in the change process that allows him or her to capitalize on his or her strength.
  • Making adjustments in the physical environment to support faculty members’ incorporation of technology and other teaching modalities that support constructivism theory of learning.
  • I will model the use of constructivism learning activities to the faculty.
  • I will teach, mentor and support the learning of technology.