The first stage, persuading those in my center that this a worthy endeavor, should be accomplished in September.

Gaining formal acceptance for the project within the professional education hierarchy will probably take the better part of October. Progressing to the next stage will be contingent upon gaining this acceptance, so further time forecasts will be event driven, but I think my outline will still have fidelity (otherwise I’m way off the mark here!)

Bringing those who will actually implement the change onboard with the idea will probably take November and December.

Finally, the change itself should be seen in the professional education classrooms around the beginning of the year in January.

This may not sound like a very aggressive plan since it’s moving at a glacial pace, but I’ve come to realize over the past couple of years that you can hurt yourself by setting goals that are too audacious when you are dealing with a bureaucracy that can be slow to change. Furthermore, I’ve also come to conclude that when time isn’t taken to really set the right foundation for things, gains are somewhat fleeting, and I want to create an enduring change. I think it will be well worth the time being taken!