The resources needed to implement this change project are relatively simple and low cost. The primary resource needed is a wiki and server space for it to reside on, both of which my center controls and will provide access to for the project if all goes as planned.

By far the most precious resource that will go into this is the individual time that everyone will need to devote as there is only a finite amount available for all of those who I see being involved in this project. The actual cost of this can’t be easily calculated, but the way in which I treat each person’s time with respect and imbue them with the same enthusiasm I have for the project will help show, I believe, that there time is being well-spent.

The most expensive tangible cost will be in the travel involved, but this should be kept low due to it only being one, and at the most two, people traveling at any one time, and the fact that most of the travel will be done on the front-end (3 or 4 trips) and sporadically thereafter as needed. I estimate that in the first year this will add up to between $5,000 and $7,000 of total cost.