The first step is to convince the leadership of the center I work in that this is a worthy endeavor, and to win their support going forward. This will probably be the easiest of the steps because I’ve been laying the groundwork for the idea throughout the year, and their generally very supportive of my ideas. The key is in showing them that the potential reward far outweighs the opportunity cost of me not being able to be as involved in some of the center’s other projects to pursue this.

The second step is two-fold; gaining formal acceptance and support of the idea within the professional education hierarchy, and buy-in at the level of those who will actually implement the idea. This is infinitely more complex at the professional education hierarchy level due to the strategic communications that will need to take place, myriad personalities involved, and resistance to the status quo. On the level of those who will actually implement the idea, the most important part will be positioning the idea properly both in terms of the overall benefit and in how it will help them in their own jobs. I think that positioned properly, all will take part, but some will really love the idea and take it to levels I can’t even think of at the outset. Finally, on both levels, engagement will have to be systematic and continuous.

Perhaps surprisingly, I think the learning that will need to take place will be one of the easier parts of this project to accomplish. This is because the idea isn’t radically different from what already takes place; it just takes a shift of mind in regarding the means to arrive at the same ends, albeit achieving those ends on a level that hasn’t previously been approached in my mind. Primarily it will involve showing those involved the current nature of how doctrinal ideas are developed (from the ground up), and showing that this new idea not only helps collect more of these ideas, but that it will impart them to others in a way that is both more natural than the formal and traditional way, and more effective.