The Ballroom

So originally I was going to build a ballroom in the dancing sense. However, some playing and building I decided to make a room full of balls. Technically still a ballroom. The idea is to teach people how to fly with accuracy by flying up to each platform above the room and dropping the supplied balls into the cylinder/basket in the room. The clue will be on one of the balls in the room.

I think this activity should come after the kitchen when they have more of a handle of moving objects.

The room is built however there are somethings that need to be done:

Add clue to the ball. This will be done once the clues are written by the writters.

Work on game logic enforcing rules of the task. Also, I need to find out if there is a way to auto refresh the building. The balls are movable and are affected by gravity right now. There needs to be away to reset the stage if you will.

Otherwise the room and concept are complete. If for some reason we want to revert back to the traditional idea of a ballroom people just need to let me know.