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Assignment 1 - Spend $1 Million on Technology for your Institution

I would like EACH of you to prepare a proposal for spending 1 million dollars on technology in your institution (school or non-school workplace). There should be a three paragraph executive summary including a statement of the problem, the proposed intervention and the way(s) in which you will determine effectiveness. That should be followed by a detailed budget and rationale, including vendors and costs.

All work should be posted in your personal portfolio, emailed (word doc.) to me and shared publicly with peers in the Wiki or Google Groups if you wish.

Due 6/1

Malika's Proposal

Donna's Proposal

Jaime's Proposal

Colby's Proposal

Edgar's Proposal

Josephine's Proposal

Kathleen's Proposal

Mici's Proposal

**Matt's Proposal**

Andrea's Proposal

Karen's Proposal