Andrea Vasquez

Teachers give the impression that they are eager to implement technology in the classroom and I would like to capitalize on that momentum.

Learning by me:
I would begin by carefully planning a series of lessons that can be used in the classroom. I will learn to develop a teacher friendly and simple online curriculum with web usability principles in mind. In addition, I will key in on Ubd and essential questions. I would also like to develop a pacing guide for using the lessons; this guide will also help with meeting technology standards in our district. Such a guide is nonexistent for technology yet exists for all other subject areas.

Learning by teachers:
Teachers will learn to use web 2.0 tools as well as the devices already in their classroom to develop their own lessons. I will begin by scaffolding and eventually allowing the teachers to develop lessons on their own.

How will you address the learning needs and challenges?
I will begin with a faculty meeting that will address any questions they have. I will also assess their current technology level and provide them one on one, hands on training when necessary. I will likely designate a technology representative in each grade level that can continue assisting with any needs.
I will also develop a wiki for any questions that arise and for teachers to communicate.